About Us


Heart Natural Care passes the benefit of a natural herbal medicine that for five generations had been a family held secret, nurturing disease free good health and longevity. Consisting of garlic, ginger, lemons, apple cider, cinnamon, pomegranate & honey.The herbs are each carefully selected for its quality and potency and the fine pure liquid extract from the natural herbs are blended together. This miraculous herbal medicine dissolves the blockages and blood clots allowing the blood to gush through pushing and dispersing the atheroma –  which is at the center of the artery and is a soft, flaky, yellowish material at the center of large plaques. Thus in the first sixty days you will notice that the care from this herbal supplement is hard to believe but you will learn to live again a normal life free to eat live enjoy life and with the continuation of the herbal supplement an increase in your body mass and strength The coronary arteries blockages will be a far thought. Continuous use of Henatare will provide you with better heart health and all its symtoms.
If you ever want to prove that your blood gushes through the heart do it with a CT Scan and tell us with your story.


Depurative And Purifying Herbs : Detoxification
Depurative herbs help cleanse waste products and toxins from our body, and are a staple of traditional herbal medicine. Depurative herbs work by supporting the natural cleansing functions of the kidneys and liver; and also increase tissue blood flow and lymph drainage. They also seem to function as general, nonspecific “blood purifiers and cleansers”. Diaphoretic herbs that induce perspiration and sweating can also be classified as depurative. By lessening the toxic load of the body many root causes of disease can be addressed. (Ginger and Garlic benefits the same way)