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“He who has health, has hope. And he who has hope, has everything.”

Your determination will

Reverse the causes and get rid of the symptoms
With the use of our potent herbal supplements

Formulation for the herbal medicine has come about from research in the field of herbiology , from old formulas and experience gathered from selection to the processes  father and grandmother preparing herbal medication from old recipe going back 150 years.

Your way of life has changed and no longer remains the same. After making lifestyle changes, taking medication, and having undergone surgery


When you were younger and had everything going for you and enjoying life to its extreme

About Us

Our History

“Heart Natural Care” was a vision born & conceived on January 20, 2007. It was with our untiring determination that for the first time this day we successfully made a natural herbal medicine purely from natural herbs for the cure of heart diseases for conditions involving blocked coronary arteries and blood vessels  of the heart. This humble initial success developed into a plan to produce herbal medicine.

Since the mid nineteenth century, it has been our family tradition to use herbal medicines for the cure and well-being of the young & old. Over the many generations our family has been able to master the process of extracting, blending and purification of herbs. Throughout generations our family herbal remedy formula has consisted of only natural herbs to treat ailments and diseases.
My grandmother had always been a huge part of my childhood and because she was such a committed user of herbs, her natural habits rubbed off on me and thus I have never been a stranger to herbal medicine. She prepared herbal medicine for different ailments, diseases and for continued health for members of our enlarged family. Later on I saw my dad being passionate about the use of herbal medicine and consequently the family herbal secrets passed on to him. My dad’s special  herbal mixture “karu kiryatu” which we all kids took a spoonful daily, kept all ailments away providing us with good health always. He prepared various medicines for the treatment and cure of the coronary heart disease, arthritis, kidney, and the gallbladder. He was firmly dedicated to his cause with a commitment.
With time I graduated and started to work.  and moved on to a lifestyle so different from my dads. It never occurred to me that one day again I shall be following the footsteps of my forefathers, grandparents and father whom had mastered the cure for many diseases in the last 150 years.
On November 18, 2006, I was diagnosed with three blockages in my left coronary arteries and the angiography results confirming that my heart was 90% blocked.  My thoughts were well clear, I was not going to live a restricted lifestyle solely based on life sustaining allopathic medicines given by doctors for my survival. It is also well known that to this day even allopathic has no cure for coronary heart disease. It was no secret that with the passage of time I would face further health complications due to the arterial blockages and blood clots. It was my sheer determination at this stage, I was 48 years old and had yet to feel the taste of success in my career, and health was a pre- requisite for the long hours that I still needed to put in. Now, I was more than determined to find the diaries given to me by my father that contained generation old records of remedies which he had alphabetically written for me as though having known that one day I would need and require them. It was for the first time that I realized the value of herbal treatment & cure, which for the past five generations had been a family tradition. My dad’s diary soon offered me the guidance I required to create a remedy for the blockages and blood clots of the coronary heart disease.
On January 20, 2007, I, for first time took the herbal remedy first thing in the morning, before breakfast. A couple of weeks later I could feel the gushing of blood in my coronary arteries of the heart and then a few days later the plaque in the coronary arteries started to move towards the left arm and dissolve. I have to this day continued using the herbal mixture and researching in real time modifying its potency and the cause of atherosclerosis. Today I am blessed, with the continuous usage of the herbal medicine, I have managed to clear all 90% blockages and the smooth flow of blood through my arteries and veins can be observed from the increase in my body mass and the strength in my body. Today, I look forward to taking the trip to the East Coast with my daughter Merzia and fulfill the promise that I so long ago made to her –“that together we are going to ride the meanest roller coaster and cry our hearts out together”.
My close family members, friends and associates who chose to be the first to use the herbal medicine, I will always cherish their blessings and through their word of mouth many continue to be cured and overcome the coronary heart disease. Many of those who have continued to use Henatare on the daily basis have seen a continuous improvement in their health and the benefits they have derived are numerous, the most common are normal cholesterol and normal blood pressure. You must find out for yourself the benefit of HENATARE and discover the number of illnesses that are cured simultaneously purely by the use of herbs and look forward to living a normal life and to be able to eat to your heart’s desire.
Today, we at Heart Natural Care select the herbs that are of the best quality and using natural extracting processes, extract the natural liquids and combine and blend the herbs.

Heart Natural Care stands firm in its commitment for the protection of our natural world. We have provided relief to those who have seen the pain of an angina or a heart attack. The little cost that you pay not only helps us to do further research in the infinite possibilities that herbal medicine offers but also furthers our determination to help others live a long, healthy life.





Heart Natural Care passes the benefit of a natural herbal medicine that for five generations had been a family held secret, nurturing disease free good health and longevity. Consisting of garlic, ginger, lemons, apple cider, cinnamon, pomegranate & honey.The herbs are each carefully selected for its quality and potency and the fine pure liquid extract from the natural herbs are blended together. This miraculous herbal medicine dissolves the blockages and blood clots allowing the blood to gush through pushing and dispersing the atheroma –  which is at the center of the artery and is a soft, flaky, yellowish material at the center of large plaques. Thus in the first sixty days you will notice that the care from this herbal supplement is hard to believe but you will learn to live again a normal life free to eat live enjoy life and with the continuation of the herbal supplement an increase in your body mass and strength The coronary arteries blockages will be a far thought. Continuous use of Henatare will provide you with better heart health and all its symtoms.
If you ever want to prove that your blood gushes through the heart do it with a CT Scan and tell us with your story.


Depurative And Purifying Herbs : Detoxification
Depurative herbs help cleanse waste products and toxins from our body, and are a staple of traditional herbal medicine. Depurative herbs work by supporting the natural cleansing functions of the kidneys and liver; and also increase tissue blood flow and lymph drainage. They also seem to function as general, nonspecific “blood purifiers and cleansers”. Diaphoretic herbs that induce perspiration and sweating can also be classified as depurative. By lessening the toxic load of the body many root causes of disease can be addressed. (Ginger and Garlic benefits the same way)

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